2019 State Legislative Priorities

Download 2019 State Agenda (PDF)

Community College Funding

MCCA supports CBHE’s FY2020 three-part funding request addressing performance funding, equity funding, and workforce initiatives.

Performance Funding

CBHE proposed using community college performance indicators most closely linked with workforce development (employment and overall educational attainment) to support its budget request. Successful attainment of these measures which demonstrate our ability to serve the needs of students and the state would be used to earn 3% in new performance funding proposed in the FY2020 budget.

Community college metrics;

  • graduate outcomes,
  • pass rates on professional licensure exams, and
  • three-year graduation and transfer rate.

Equity Funding

A total of 1% of the FY2019 core would be requested for equity funding and would be distributed based on the sector’s internal model.

Workforce Initiatives

The projects proposed to be funded with this $53.3 million funding request were required to align with an identified regional or statewide need or significantly increase program completion, and be a specified priority of business and industry partners. 

*per the CBHE request, new money appropriated for performance funding and equity will be considered core funding for FY2021 and beyond

Full Funding of the A+ Scholarship Program

This request includes full funding for all currently eligible students. Full funding is based on current award benefits, and these benefits should not be reduced or diluted. The A+ program must remain available for use only at community colleges and the other higher education institutions as currently allowed. We do not support an effort to make A+ means-tested as this would run contrary to the national trend toward ensuring access to low-cost community college for all citizens.

Workforce Training

MCCA continues to support the administration’s effort for more efficient workforce training and increased funding toward achieving this goal.

Fix to 2018 SB892 - PSRS Working After Retirement 

In 2018, the Missouri Legislature passed a bill aimed at simplifying the process for retired teachers who go back to work part-time for their local school districts as bus drivers or in similar positions. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the passage of this bill caused an inadvertent issue impacting community college adjunct faculty. MCCA has worked with legislators, PSRS staff, and others to find a fix to this language. This bill will be our legislative priority in 2019.



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