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Webinar: Making Community Colleges "Democracy's Colleges" Again
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM CDT
Category: Professional Development

In partnership with Campus Compact, this session explores the role community colleges do and can play in promoting a healthy democracy. Facilitators will share resources and guide students, faculty, administrators, and community partners in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing community colleges. As communities, states, and the nation confront multiple crises, including a pandemic, an economic recession, protests against racial injustice, deep political polarization, and rampant misinformation, community colleges can meet this moment and lead the way to strengthen our democracy through civic learning and democratic education.


Verdis Robinson
Director for Community College Engagement
Campus Compact

Jacob Wilson
Director for Missouri and Virginia 
Campus Election Engagement Project

Michelle Black, MSW, JD
Assistant Director for Missouri
Campus Election Engagement Project

Andrew Crocker
Political Science Instructor
Co-Sponsor of "Politically Active"
Past President of Faculty Senate
Vice-Chair of Faculty MCCA Advisory Board
Ozarks Technical Community College

Special Accommodations Request

All participants are welcome. If you need special accommodations please contact MCCA Professional Development at [email protected].

Contact: MCCA Professional Development, [email protected]