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Webinar: Leadership in a Time of Heightened Racial Tensions: Insights from Social Science on a Social Justice Issue
Wednesday, September 09, 2020, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM CDT
Category: Professional Development

How do you feel when faced with discussions about race, racism, and equity? Many report a sense of paralysis, unsure how to approach such an intense
topic – while still wanting to engage in meaningful discussion. As educators, we want to offer a safe space for students to voice concerns, and build a community where healing becomes possible. We know these conversations can be crucial to maintaining belonging among students and the broader community. With so much at stake, we can become cautious and slow to act, leaving students feeling unsupported and marginalized.

In this workshop, Dr. Fotuhi shares insights from social psychology, reviewing the major issues related to race and racism, including bias and inequity as a system of structures. We will also explore at the individual level how it feels to be part of a dehumanizing experience or environment, within the context of belonging theory. With a clear unifying model of how these seemingly disparate topics connect, we can better engage in difficult conversations that are necessary for fostering a resilient sense of belonging for all. The workshop concludes with a collaborative Q&A session to discuss effective strategies about facilitating these difficult conversations with our students and communities.


Omid Fotuhi, PhD
Director of Learning Innovation
WGU Labs

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