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Webinar: Effective Goal-Setting and Autonomy Supportive Teaching
Thursday, March 18, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM CDT
Category: Professional Development

People often have high aspirations for their health, wealth, and educational attainment, but often fail to start soon enough, persist for long enough, or engage in the most effective strategies to succeed.

In this presentation, Dr. Fotuhi will uncover the common pitfalls that prevent people from setting, and sticking to, effective goals. Informed from psychological research, Dr. Fotuhi will challenge common myths and offer practical and actionable practices to enhance your goal achievement.

Importantly, Dr. Fotuhi will also identify how these same barriers impact students’ motivation. Building on a foundational theory of human motivation, called Self- Determination Theory, Dr. Fotuhi will identify key levers that faculty can employ an autonomy-supportive approach to promote greater student motivation and achievement.

We will end the session with an interactive Q&A, where you can ask any questions related to your own, or your students’, goal-setting practices.

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Omid Fotuhi
Director of Learning Innovation
WGU Labs

A prominent researcher on motivation and performance, Dr. Fotuhi has provided training and workshops for over 10 years, helping organizations and educational institutions develop and implement proven mindset strategies that can significantly improve performance outcomes.


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