MCCA Digital Repository

What is the MCCA Digital Repository?

The MCCA Digital Repository, the Missouri Community College Association’s member-only repository, is administered by the Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) in partnership with the Missouri's Workforce Innovation Networks (MoWINs). Like SkillsCommons, the MCCA Digital Repository is a single-state repository, scaling our ability to collaborate and share materials with the MCCA members across the state.

What is the purpose of the MCCA Digital Repository?

The unique benefit of the repository allows MCCA members to upload their own materials, scaling the potential for collaboration beyond TAACCCT-funded programs to every MCCA member in the state for reference and collaboration.

Additionally, the MCCA Digital Repository seeks to collect a broad spectrum of Missouri content, including research materials such as journal articles, conference papers, gray literature, working papers, technical reports, presentations, and more.

Who can use the MCCA Digital Repository?

Anyone can access the repository and search publicly available content via the SkillsCommons API. However, without a MCCA member login, access is not available to those materials uploaded by MCCA members. For example, this allows faculty to share curriculum, exams, quizzes, and assessment tools without fear of students discovering their materials.

How do I access the MCCA Digital Repository to view or upload materials?

To access the MCCA Digital Repository, visit or from the Resources menu tab via

To upload materials, you will need to login using your MCCA member username and password.

To become a MCCA member, join here:

If you are not sure you have a MCCA member login, contact MCCA Member Engagement at [email protected] or 573.634.8787.

Is the MCCA Digital Repository ready for us to begin uploading material?


Is there a restriction for file types or sizes?

Users who plan to upload large collections of files or individual files over 180 MB should contact [email protected] before uploading in order to discuss the best way to upload, organize, and describe the materials.

Submission and Publication

After you have uploaded your files and completed the submission form you are ready to publish the data. All materials uploaded to the MCCA Digital Repository are reviewed by an approved reviewer from MCCA’s communication office or grant office before it is made public. This process ensures the submission form is completed correctly and that the files are ready for sharing. You will be contacted if changes or updates need to be made.

Need assistance?

Please reach out to team at [email protected].