Online Community

Below are ways to take advantage of your our online membership website. If you have specific questions, please contact MCCA Member Engagement at [email protected].

Councils and Committees

The Committees area of MemberClicks gives you a private area to interact by sharing messages and files. Once you have been added to a committee, the Committee will appear under My Profile > My Features > Committees. 

  • If Notifications are toggled on, you can opt-in to receive email notifications about New Messages, New Comments, and/or New Files uploaded to the committee.
  • You can choose to Add a Message by clicking on the Add a Committee Message plus sign in the top left hand corner. Messages can have multiple threads within them - rather than creating a new message each time, you can click on the title of an existing message to Add Comments.
  • Under the Members tab, you can view other members of the committee, including their position. Each member’s name is linked directly to their profile for easy access.
  • Finally, by selecting the Files tab, you can upload files (under 10mb) to be shared with the committee. Other members of the committee can download the file, edit it as needed, and reupload to the Files area.

Note: Committees are a private feature, and will only be visible to members who have been added by MCCA.

Community Forums


The Community Forum provides an area for you to engage in conversation with one another, share files, and subscribe to topics. Topics are organized into Forum Categories, and multiple Forums can exist. Inside of each forum, you can post, view, and reply to Topics.

  • Replying to the topic would add a new response to the topic list. Replies can include file attachments, which is perfect for meeting minutes, conference notes, etc.
  • Subscribing to a topic means that anytime a user replies to a specific post, anyone who has clicked "Subscribe" will receive an email with a link to the forum post. You can view a list of My Subscribes, where you can quickly un-subscribe from any topics no longer relevant.
  • Favoriting a topic will add the topic to your My Favorites list. This list is available anytime under My Posts, and can act as a running list of topics a user is interested in revisiting later. Unlike "Subscribe," you won’t receive emails when you favorite a topic, so this is a less intrusive way of staying up to date on topics relevant to you.

Note: To create a new Forum, contact MCCA Member Engagement at [email protected]