Committees and Councils

Within MCCA there are many different subgroups that allow members to connect and collaborate with peers and colleagues across the state.


Departments are the largest subgroups in MCCA. They're used for networking and professional development, but they also add structure and ensure diversity on the MCCA Board of Directors. Each department has three seats on the board of directors, and in the fall members vote to elect a new candidate to represent their department on the board.

Your department is determined by how your college defines each of these categories, but here are some rough guidelines in case you're not sure where you fall.

Administrative Professionals - As the title would indicate, this category includes administrators. Typically this means C-level college leaders and cabinet members.

Classified Staff - This department is made up of support staff. Typically these individuals perform back office functions like payroll, accounting, clerical work, 

Faculty - This group typically includes anyone whose sole function is instruction at a college. It includes both full-time and adjunct faculty.

Trustees - These are the elected leaders that sit on each college's board of trustees.


There are a myriad of peer groups that meet at varying intervals throughout the year. To join an MCCA division, you'll need to contact us. Once we add you to the list in our database, you'll be able to receive notifications and view upcoming meetings on our events calendar. 

A+ Coordinator
Academic Advisor
Administrative Assistant
Admissions Office Staff
Alumni & Development
Arts & Humanities Faculty
Bookstore/Auxiliary Services
Business Office Staff”
Career/Tech Ed Faculty/Staff
Chief Academic Affairs Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Department Chair
Financial Aid Officer
Human Resources Office Staff/Administrator
Institutional Researcher
Instructional Designer
Internship Coordinator
IT Staff
Marketing/PR/Web Design Professional
Math & Science Faculty
Nursing/Allied Health Faculty
Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty
Physical Plant/Grounds Staff
Registrar’s Office Staff
Social Sciences Faculty
Student/Campus Life Professional
Workforce Development Professional